As a Holistic Health Coach:

“Your coaching and leadership were great in many respects, especially raising awareness and forging new habits. Among the different foods we spoke about, I have become a real fan of quinoa prepared in a variety of ways-it’s my staple grain of choice :)” -Peter T.

On my workshop “Singing the Sugar Blues”:

“What I liked best about this event was the breakdown of all the different kinds of sugars that may be hidden in your food. I also appreciated the incorporation of some simple breathing and movement exercises that can help recenter the mind and work to curb cravings. I encourage everyone to try it out! It will open your mind to see sugar in a new way.”- Tiffany A.

“I appreciated the range of information presented in this event and I could tell that Ashleigh was passionate about the subject. I feel better and more empowered knowing about all the hidden sugars! I think other people should take it because they may not know that what they’re eating is toxic. It might get them to read labels more carefully.”- Rachael H.

“I found this workshop more informative and helpful than I anticipated. Ashleigh was clean and responsive in her presentation. I actually learned a few things that I think will help me and I can put into practice immediately!”- Merrill G.


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