Stephanie P. Marango, MD, RYT, is a licensed physician and certified yoga teacher. Her Sacred Body Medicine practice is a holistic & hands-on approach to health that engages all components of your Sacred Body: body, emotions, mind, soul, spirit. When these components function in harmony, you express health. When they are out of balance, you experience chronic symptoms such as muscular tension, headaches, digestive discomfort, fatigue, depression, anxiety, etc. Sacred Body Medicine teaches you to listen to & learn from your symptoms, and transform them into your fullest expression of health using movement, discussion, breath and energy. For further information on her medical practice, as well as the educational services offered through the Sacred Body School, please visit:

HPS-logo.cropped.0.75 NYC Coach

Need help managing your projects, career, … your life?  Want a coach who has sufficient experience and expertise to mentor as well as encourage, motivate and support you? If so, then Dr. Rita Haley is the Coach for you.

Recognized for her exceptional effectiveness in helping people change their lives and themselves, Psychologist Dr. Rita Haley created NYC Coach – Women’s Empowerment Center – to help you gain the skills and self-confidence you need to achieve your goals.  Pursue your dreams with clarity, purpose, and efficacy.  Dr. Haley will help you attain the fulfilling, rewarding life you seek.

Learn more by visiting

SFT.logo.Gara.crop.smaller.-1  NYC Psychologist

NYC Psychologist Rita Haley, Ph.D., combined her 20+ years of experience and expertise in Clinical Psychology with the insight gained in over 25 years of women’s rights activism and leadership to create SFT SELF-Focused Therapy, the psychotherapy that helps you feel and do better and live a more fulfilling life by empowering your Real SELF.

Working with Dr. Haley using the therapy she created, you will learn how to nurture, respect, accept and love your Authentic Self while continuously quieting your Fearful Self. Dr. Haley is an active therapist who uses humor to confront irrational beliefs and attitudes and provides skills-training and recommended readings to help you change your behavioral, cognitive, and emotional actions and reactions. Her approach includes self reflection and discovery through writing as well as speaking and sharing in an open and supportive environment. Learn more about Dr. Haley, the practice she founded, and the psychotherapy she created at

FitEngine: For Fitness Enthusiasts

The leading provider of inside information on fitness classes and workouts in NYC. This service will work with you to determine your individual needs and preferences and guide you in choosing the best classes and services that will help you reach your health and fitness goals.

SAFE, Inc. of Transylvania County

Prevention through education, advocacy and appropriate intervention is the ultimate goal. All victims of domestic violence and sexual assault will be provided safety, treated with dignity and respect and given the opportunity to create long lasting changes that will result in a life free of violence and abuse.


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