How’s your March resolution going?

You may be saying, “March? I thought resolutions were a January thing!” New Years resolutions are a great idea in theory, but once March rolls around, we’ve often either forgotten what we resolved to do or, were extremely committed to it for two weeks, took a little break, and then let it slowly slip into the abyss. I myself made some resolutions at the beginning of the year, one being to get more quality sleep, and the other to take more dance classes for fun rather than mainly for improving my technique. As far as the sleep goes, my success level has been…it’s a work in progress, I’ll just say that. My intentions are still clear though! For the dance classes, I got myself to a Zumba class, so I consider that progress!

In addition to these two resolutions, which will be ongoing not just this year but probably for much longer, I wanted to set a small resolution at the beginning of each month. I feel like this will keep me actively invested in my quest to continuously nurture my mind, body and spirit in new and interesting ways. If you received my latest newsletter (and if you didn’t and would like to, please email me to join my mailing list!) you’ll recall that I intended to tackle a new recipe each week this month to get out of my “always cooking the same three things for dinner” rut. So far, I’ve held myself to the task and have made two new entrees for myself since the beginning of the month.

The first was an acorn squash soup prepared in my Vitamix (best toy ever!) and taken from the recipe book that accompanies it. If you’re interested in that recipe click here \ I imagine you’ll get a similar result from using a regular blender or food processor. I paired it with a side of steamed kale topped with a little sautee of onions, garlic, ginger and lemon juice. It was a tasty meal, but I found the soup to be a little rich for my taste. The recipe called for evaporated milk and I am not accustomed to having much dairy in my diet, so it was rather filling. Perhaps next time I could use a substitute, any suggestions are welcome!

The second dish I garnered from a great resource called Peachy Palate, a wonderful healthy living blog written by Michele Hunt. What I love about her recipes is they are 1. Vegan, which is the way I tend to eat most of the time so I happen to have most of the ingredients already. 2. Simple and seasonal,  and 3. Designed to serve 1 (as anyone who lives alone knows, this is a rarity!). I have bookmarked many of her recipes over the past week or so, but I decided to go with the Vegan Lentil and Squash Dahl. I made this choice first because, as usual, I went to the Union Square Greenmarket for my produce because I always try to use only what’s in season. This is a challenging time of year for that, the transition from Winter to Spring means an abundance of root vegetables, but not much else. Thus, I’ve had enough sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips and onions this season to feed a small army. This motivated me even more to try something new because, although these foods are delicious, I think I’ve reached my quota.

If you’re intrigued, as I imagine you are, check out the recipe here The only change I made was incorporating steamed collard greens instead of spinach because that’s what was available at the market, and I topped it with a few fresh parsley leaves. The serving was the perfect size for me and it was both flavorful and filling. I really appreciated the combination of spices and how well they paired with the sweetness of the butternut squash and the hearty texture of the collards. Looks tasty, no?


I plan to keep up with this little resolution, it’s always satisfying for me to cook something new and different. I may even bump it up to more than once a week, but I won’t get ahead of myself here. I have a few other recipe resources I might check out, but there’s still quite a few from Peachy Palate I am itching to try.

Hopefully this will inspire you to try some new things this month and maybe make a mini resolution of your own. It can be anything you might be curious about, just remember to keep to manageable so you don’t get overwhelmed or worry about accomplishing a huge goal, it should be fun! Leave your comments below or on Twitter @AGCoreHealth to share what you’re interested in exploring for yourself. Be well!


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