Come to my Workshop, Eating for Energy!

origin_4745812581I am thrilled to announce my latest workshop, Eating for Energy! Do you suffer from low energy? Are you constantly reaching for that extra cup of coffee, energy drink, diet soda or energy bar to keep you going? Imagine what it would be like to easily eliminate those dangerous artificial stimulants and learn a whole new approach to increasing your energy and vitality! Lucky for you, this workshop will give you the tools you need to make it a reality:

  • Recognize the physical, chemical, mental, environmental and emotional stresses that decrease your sense of energy and vitality
  • Identify specific foods that either serve you by increasing your energy or causing you to experience a decreased sense of energy
  • Dissect well-marketed products, like energy drinks, gels, bars and capsules, and discovering what’s really in them
  • Determine which foods and stimulants you have become dependent on and learning how you can begin to eliminate those stimulants safely and replace them with healthy choices
  • Learn the top ten most important ways you can naturally increase your energy permanently!

Stop going through your day feeling exhausted and deflated and instead start feeling energized and rejuvenated!

Don’t miss this engaging workshop, reserve your spot today!

Eating for Energy


Bent Pilates 754 9th Ave, 2nd Floor

(between 50th and 51st st)

New York, NY 10019



About agcorehealth

Holistic Health Coach, Pilates Instructor, Dancer
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