Celebrate the Solstice!

Hi friends, I’m excited to share this wonderful event with you. I have been collaborating as a movement artist with Organic Magnetics for over a year, and now I have the additional privilege of collaborating with this amazing theater arts organization as a Holistic Health Counselor.

On Friday, December 21st, I will be taking part in a live installation, ceremony, and celebration of this new journey we are all about to embark upon. How do you want to move forward? This is a chance to reconnect with yourself and your vision for the coming year as we begin to shift from a head-based society into a heart-based society.

As for my portion of the evening, I, along with fellow collaborator, Femi Olagoke, will be sharing with you ways you can use food to enhance your energetic connection to the world around you in the most positive way. We will be discussing the energetic properties of various foods and specifically those that will help you harness the kind of energy you want to increase in your life.

This is going to be a truly special evening and I hope all of you can join us as we move into the new year with passion and a greater purpose in mind.

Follow this link to learn more:



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Holistic Health Coach, Pilates Instructor, Dancer
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